SUPERNOVA​-​a requiem

by playman54

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As I get older the thoughts of Death seem to always be at the back of my mind,maybe more so as I approach the years of my dads sad depart.
when a kid death always seemed a eon away,and like many of my generation,believed would be destroyed in a nuclear war.also as a teenager had a morbid fascination with death and the horror of death.
my mid years were taken up with family and making a living and the thoughts of death slipped to the dark recesses of my mind.
With my love of all things Space,it was always going to be a thing of a star impacting and destroying itself.reminding me how small a speck of dust I was.
This piece of music (I say that loosely )is in a way my idea of the death of a Star,not Just a explosion but a slow demise as in maybe a cancer that finally rips the star apart.
Though it is in One long piece,this music is made up of three parts.
Part 1 is when the tumour first manifests itself,and the star's cries of pain and hurt.
Part 2 is when the Tumour spreads and slowly rips the star apart,a long sad painful section(well in my opinion).
Part 3 is the Echoes of the death of the Star,like waves of pain rippling out through the Galaxy,to finally though time and lightyears to reach a small planet at the rim of the Galaxy,
The ending of the piece is the echoes of the beginning of the Stars Death.
I thought of the Star in terms of Human emotion,drawing on some of the times I witnessed death.,
but mostly from watching my mother's slow decline and lose of life through what was then in the sixties,a unknown brain disease.
I was only 15 at the time.
Sorry if all this sounds morbid,or if the piece of music is too ......
I wanted this piece to be as true as I could make it.
Hope you all have not been put off by what I have written
and will give this music a try.
For that I thank you all in Advance.
playman54 2015.


released 31 July 2015

composed-played and edited by Playman54,in the shed studios.




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playman54 Wigan, UK

home and garage electronic musician,played in bands from 70s to 90s,then decided to make his own brand of music

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