Venusian Dreams

by playman54

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Q. why Venus ?
Short answer Why not.
long answer,have been interested in space and our solar system since childhood.
firstly reading Dan Dare comics,that had articles on what our solar system could be like.
later with authors Edgar Rice Burroughs' Venus series (1934–1946) Venus is a tropical world shielded from the heat of the sun by a perpetual cloud cover, home to a humanoid race whose technology is advanced in some respects and retarded in others. The native name is Amtor, and the portion depicted, largely confined to the southern hemisphere's temperate zone, is primarily oceanic, but includes two forested continents and a number of large islands. The series features hero Carson Napier, who engages in derring-do and the rescue of princesses amid vicious political struggles.
and C. S. Lewis's Perelandra (1943), the second book in science fiction Space Trilogy, the scene is the planet Venus, described as a sort of paradise, where fabulous animals live, along with the King and Queen, Green humanoids. In Lewis' description the whole surface of Venus is covered by ocean upon which are free-floating rafts of vegetation large enough to support animal life; with the exception of a single mountainous land-mass.
then many other authors of fantastic fiction.
In my adolescent years another kind of Venus reared its head when my hormones
started to rage hahahahahha.
And has had a hold on me ever since.
so the combined thoughts of these became the basis of this album.
my thoughts and ideas of each individual track can be read in each tracks notes.
anyway here it is in all its glory
Playman54 jan 2015.


released 15 January 2015

front CD cover,is a artists impression of what a Terraformed Venus might look like.
back CD cover,is a artists impression of infrared photos of Venus as it looks now.
all music composing,playing,recording and mixing done by Playman54



all rights reserved


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